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Dear Friends,

    As we celebrate our 24th anniversary, we are launching a new membership campaign. Our mission is to continue delivering high-quality music without commercials or interruptions of any kind.

   We want to continue with this mission for the decades to come. Become a member and be part of this legacy.



The heart is a soft drum that keeps everything on track. Let us feed that heart with a slow and nice beat. Let us inspire your soul into a journey of love and acceptance. Downbeat is a warm and mellow place where you can feel safe and calm.


Our classic selection of hand picked music, through out these years. Regardless of time, style or genre our only goal is to provide the best tracks from every corner of the musical spectrum.


Sometimes we just need to dance. Get rid of paralyzing thoughts and feel the beats. We need energy, passion and inspiration to overcome the obstacles of life. Sometimes there is only way to do that. Dance. These upbeats will help you out.

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          Radio Isla Negra has been an unparalleled source of handpicked music for the last 24 years.
        Our mission is to find new and exciting tracks, regardless of genre, style, or year. 
So far, we’ve been delivering the finest selection of music without commercials or interruptions of any kind.

…no additives. No sugar added.
100% Pure High Quality Tracks



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